Browning Learning Academy, Inc.
Browning Learning Academy, Inc.

History of BLA

We are a multicultural, diverse school that caters to children with disabilities by creating warm and enviting classrooms mixed with students that have special needs and students who do not. Before 2012, our Director, Andrea Smith, had a vision for a school with all races and forms of disabilities united in one classroom. On April 12, 2012, she made that vision possible by founding Browning Learning Academy. To this day we remain a unique entity that mixes classrooms equally among preschool and toddler students on a broad spectrum needs. Any money donated means a new begining for a child to experience, appreciate, and love the differences that make us all beautiful. The amount of gratitude every one of our students, parents, staff, volunteers and therapists will have for every penny donated can not be explained in words. I encourage you all to follow us on facebook and twitter to see the difference your donations have made in the lives of our children.


100% of money donated to our cause is used towards classroom furnature and outside playsets that will include equiptment unique to different disabilities, toys, books for our library, supplies for arts and crafts, and  new sensory supplies that will help our students with stimulation or calming needs.

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Browning Learning Academy, Inc.

900 Medical Drive

Tyler, TX 75701


Director of Center & Programs:

 Andrea Smith-MBA, MPA

Contact Number: 903.787.7481



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07:30 am - 06:00 pm

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These are new hours due to COVID.

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