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BLA's Mission:


Browning Learning Academy, Inc. seeks to create a hands-on teaching environment that encourages learning through age-appropriate, developmentally-appropriate & movement-based instructional activities.

Our center promotes good nutrition, positive stimulation and safety to ensure exceptional education and care for each of our student’s success.

Each student’s self-esteem and individual needs are fostered by positive relationships with students and staff. We strive to have our parents, teachers, community members, and partners actively involved in our students’ learning.

Browning Learning Academy, 


Inc., is a multicultural child


care and educational center


which provides not only basic care but educational and


specialized services to meet the needs of all children.  We are 100%


inclusive. Children six weeks to twelve years of age are able to


attend BLA, Inc. The Academy will accept all children; particularly


those children with different developmental delays and/or medical


diagnosis. BLA, Inc. will provide enrichment programs and


specialized child care services which include, but are not limited to:


movement-based learning, ABA-Style instructional teaching,


sensory integration, and resources to families that are in need


of medical, educational, developmental and financial


assistance.  The reason for these services is because the board


members have identified a major deficiency in the Smith County


area regarding the "early childhood" care of children with


developmental and medical concerns.  In addition, BLA, Inc.


offers its families competitive monthly enrollment packages,


accepts the Childcare Assistance Program and offers the


Childcare Food Program.



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